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    der Heimat des Original Rissmonior            the Home of The Original Crack Monitor


Measuring devices  for detecting and documenting

changes in crack width


As opposed to Plaster Marks, Glass Strips, or similar conventional 'Aides' the System

 tcl - i • CRACKMONITOR© 

affords the continual monitoring of magnitude and direction of progressive building deformation. It shows heave, drop and rotational movement relative to neighbouring components as well as widening or closing of cracks and displacement, thus showing not only the actual deformation, but also indicating the location of the cause.

The installation is simple and non – intrusive and the longevity of the monitors affords continuous recording of any changes over long periods, at a fraction of the costs of other systems with similar information value.

The  System tcl - i • CRACKMONITOR© is in use for over 30 years world wide in

the analytical and acute building condition analysis

the preventative and active securing of evidence


Accuracy of reading 0,2 mm (0,01 mm with Type TT 1 PLUS in combination with digital measuring tool)

recording  on the protocol card supplied, or photograhically 

can be removed from building without leaving any damage after completion of analysis 

each tcl - i • CRACKMONITOR© is supplied with protocol card  (for 12 entries) and a portion of high strength 2-component adhesive

tcl - i • CRACKMONITORS© are manufactured in a special process, using predominantly clear materials, so that they blend in with the surface they are attached to, thus reducing the risk of being vandalised. This, together with the non – intrusive method of installation is a further advantage, especially when used on historical buildings.

The tcl - i • CRACK WIDTH GAUGE for a quick and accurate crack inventory already is part of the standard equipment of many experts.

Say GOOD BYE to the unreliable Plaster Mark and other antiquated “Aides” of similar questionable performance.

Convince yourself and your clients of the advantages of our intelligent, reliable, patented  System


when next analysing a building in distress.